Coaching for a New Reality

Imagine a world where miracles occur on a daily basis.  Where all of your time is time you know you are using effectively.  I got a opportunity to take a course with Werner Erhard in London England a few years ago. What had me go there to take this course was that  I was an Introduction Leader for Landmark Education and wanted to know who started it all.

After meeting him.  I was impressed with his humanness. How comfortable he was being himself and his ability to see when that wasn’t present in another.  I am now a Coach.  Some say I am a Life Coach, others say a Business Coach.  I don’t like boxes and I understand that in the world, you may want to know what kind of coaching I deliver.  My closest description so far is a Power Coach.

Having a Conversation that creates the possibility of  You Generating or Restoring Your Power is what I love to do.

While I was talking to Werner, I told him that I wanted to be just like him.  And he said,”All you have to do is BE yourself.”

So here I am.  Being myself.  Knowing that I have an amazing way of listening to others.  Sometimes I do get caught up in “knowing” something.  And when I catch myself listening from that place, I let it go.  And stand again in the clear empty space.  Noticing what is present.  What needs to be distinguished and therefore giving the possibility of it to disappear.

Here is an interesting quote from Werner Erhard

This one is my favourite.  It is about SERVICE

If  you try this one.  Just do this one thing. You will be amazed at how your life occurs to you.  Give up trying to make anyone different than who they are showing up as.  And just listen for their greatness.  Come clean on all the things you have been making up about them.  And then wait. Listen.  And see what you get.

This sounds easy.  But in reality it can take a long time to set aside those thoughts you have of another.

Health Begins with Peace of Mind.

Dar Archibald


"My notion about service is that service is actually
that kind of relationship in which you have a commitment
to the person. What I mean, in fact, is that for me
what service is about is being committed to the other
being. To who the other person is. To the degree
that you are, in fact, committed to the other person,
you are only as valuable as you can deal with the
other person's stuff, their evidence, their manifesta-
tion, and that's what's service is about. Service is
about knowing who the other person is and being able
to tolerate giving space to their garbage. What most
people do is is to give space to people's quality and
deal with their garbage. Actually, you should do it
the other way around. Deal with who they are and give
space to their garbage. Keep interacting with them as
if they were God. And every time you get garbage from
them, give space to garbage and go back and interact
with them as if they were God."

			-Werner Erhard

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